Category: Lupus

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  • Link between epilepsy drug and fibromyalgia?

    It is the sort of thing that you should consider discussing with your GP and with a pain specialist or rheumatologist. .. Question Do you know of any relationship between gabapentin and fibromyalgia? I have recently been told that the drug had been given to patients with fibromyalgia with good results. Is there any truth […]

  • Top Ten Drugs That Cause Kidney Damage

    The list of individual drugs that cause kidney damage is so long that it’s hard to decide on the top ten. So I’ve chosen to list them by type of drug: antibiotic, analgesic, etc. Top ten drugs that cause kidney damage: 1. Antibiotics, including ciprofloxacin, methicillin, vancomycin, sulfonamides. 2. Analgesics, including acetominophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory […]