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  • Morgan Freeman On Marijuana: “I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!”

    It’s impossible to hear Morgan Freeman’s voice and not be seduced into a trance-like state. After all, the authoritative Oscar-winning legend has guided people through alien invasions, the icy plains of Antarctica, and even down perilous streets in foreign destinations (thanks, GPS feature). One thing most people don’t associate the actor with, however, is cannabis. That […]

  • Trump names notorious anti-porn crusader who wants stripper registry to Health Department

    A notorious Republican official who has led quixotic crusades against pornography, unregulated stripping and medical marijuana has been appointed to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Pennsylvania State Rep. Matt Baker told a local politics blog that he was about to run for re-election when Trump tapped him to a bureaucratic position. “I was two […]

  • 6 things to know about the debate to make weed legal in N.J.

    Payton Guion | NJ Advance Media Nearly 150 people squeezed into a meeting room at the Statehouse in Trenton as the state officially opened the conversation on marijuana legalization. More than a dozen advocates and lobbyists spoke in favor of legal weed, while a handful of others told the committee why recreational cannabis should be kept away from New […]

  • Health Secretary Who Gave Cialis to Children Says There Is ‘No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana’

    The United States Health Secretary was quick to claim that there is “no such thing as medical marijuana,”but he also admitted that the U.S. plans to spend more than $750 million searching for a pharmaceutical alternative for opioids next year—a treatment cannabis provides naturally U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar made the statement during […]

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    Wisconsin Set to Be First State Ever to Ignore Federal Cannabis Prohibition

    Wisconsin take legalizing marijuana to another level. Madison in Wisconsin plan to be the first state to legalize weed, but not in the conventional way. Marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes in around half of all states, but the way that the states went about legalizing it have been by passing new by-laws, giving the […]

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    The House Just Stripped Medical Marijuana States Of Protection From The DEA

    By James McClure States that have legalized medical marijuana could soon get an unwanted visit from the DEA. Yesterday, Congress stunned the cannabis industry by rejecting the only legal protection preventing Attorney General Jeff “good people don’t smoke marijuana” Sessions from cracking down on those 30 states for violating federal cannabis prohibition. Back in 2014, lawmakers passed an amendment […]

  • Study: Marijuana Use Associated With Immunological Benefits In HIV Patients

    Cannabis use in patients with HIV is associated with reduced inflammation and immunological benefits, according to clinical data published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. Investigators from the University of Washington, Seattle and the University of California, San Francisco assessed the impact of cannabis use on immune cell frequency, activation, and function in 198 HIV-infected patients. Authors reported: […]

  • Pro-Marijuana Group Sells Rolling Papers With Jeff Sessions’ Face on Them

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no fan of marijuana advocates, but it turns out the cannabis community has more love for the Alabama politician than previously thought. A group called #JeffSesh has started a website to sell rolling papers with Jeff Sessions’ face on them. Customers can choose between either black or white papers, and both boxes feature a cartoon […]

  • US Govt Begins Using Citizens As Human Guinea Pigs, Secretly Sprays Oklahoma With Toxic Chemicals

    (Activist Post) A planned chemical/biological test by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has residents of a small Oklahoma town in fear that they are being used as human guinea pigs, as the federal government prepares to carry out plans for biological testing in the area next month. DHS announced plans to conduct chemical and biological […]

  • Cannabis treats ADHD better Than Ritalin and Adderall, researchers conclude

    The medical use of marijuana is no secret. It can be used to treat a number of ailments, chronic and short term. According to a groundbreaking new medical study of 30 patients with ADHD, all 30 reported improved concentration and sleep as well as reduced impulsivity after using medicinal cannabis. These 30 patients all reported having limited […]

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