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  • ‘National Cancer Institute’ Quietly Confirms Cannabis Cure Cancer

    Apparently the left hand of this government doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, or more likely doesn’t want to know. With the easy prey of grabbing marijuana users in most states and locking them up in prisons for cheap labor while destroying families, there’s little motivation to curb that racket by dropping marijuana […]

  • Medical marijuana could replace opioids in war on cancer

    Medical marijuana could replace opioids in war on cancer

    President Donald Trump recently told reporters he will likely support a congressional effort to end the federal ban on marijuana, which could finally help cut through the red tape blocking scientists from conducting large-scale trials on the benefits of medical marijuana in cancer patients. “We need to be very careful in how we define the […]

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  • You can now legally smoke medical marijuana in Florida, judge rules

      Last July, John Morgan went to Tallahassee after the legislature passed SB8a, the bill to implement Amendment 2, which passed by 71.3% of the vote and allowed the use of medical cannabis for 10 debilitating conditions in the state of Florida. But Mr. Morgan went back to Tallahassee because the legislature didn’t get it […]

  • http://thehealthequity.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/everything-need-know-marijuana-cannabis-15.jpg

    Illinois lawmakers OK medical marijuana as painkiller substitute, bill now goes to governor

    By:Robert McCoppinContact Reporter Chicago Tribune Illinois lawmakers have approved a measure not only to allow medical marijuana to be used in place of prescription painkillers, but to eliminate requirements for patients to get fingerprints and criminal background checks. The change would allow all new applicants to buy medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries based on their doctors’ orders, […]