Three compelling reasons to switch to LED grow lights

LED grow lights are rapidly appearing on the indoor growing landscape. It is no surprise if they are swiftly replacing the outdated high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (ME). In fact LED lighting has completely out-classed the conventional lighting in every way. From the convenience to cost, LED lighting performs far superior to the HPS and ME lights. LED grow lights come in a range of capacities and from different manufacturers, having a look at a LED grow lights review might help you select which light is most suitable for your gardening needs.If you are planning or already growing marijuana indoor, here are four reasons why you should consider using LED grow lights.


Purchase and operational cost prices

With technology maturing quickly, purchasing LED grow lights is becoming increasingly affordable. The investment to purchase LED grow lights seems large initially, but it proves economical on the longer run. There is no need to buy reflector or ballast and these lights require a simple cooling system. The LED unit last longer and it may be good for as long as 100,000 hours. However, some manufacturers claim only 50,000 hours of use. At 18 hours per day, 50,000 hours will last for over seven years. Now compare their lifespan with HPS lights, is it possible to get that much use from a HPS bulb.

LED lighting also saves you money as they are energy efficient. A LED lighting unit to supply light to a 3’x3’ growing space just consumes a measly 84 watts of power. With these lights, an indoor marijuana grower can significantly reduce his/her electricity bill as compared to the traditional lighting systems.


Simplified cooling system

In case of HPS or ME, indoor marijuana growers must find way to expel heat from their gardens or face their plants are cooked. Some people just use fans to run the heat outside but others have to use air-conditioning to maintain a suitable temperature for marijuana plants growth. LED lights themselves don’t produce heat. Therefore, with LED lighting cooling is a non-issue unless the climate where you are growing calls for the cooling anyway.


Frequency variations

Grow lights have a range of frequencies; some of them do plants a great deal of good, while other frequencies are useless to a plant. The HPS and ME lights produce light that plants cannot use completely. LED lights provide indoor growers with flexibility to give their plants a wavelength which they need nothing else. Marijuana plants are light sensitive and need different types of lights in growth and flowering stages. With a flip of a switch, you can supply your indoor plants the light they need depending upon their growth stage. No other lights can be tuned for such results with that ease. Indoor growers persistently report improved yields and lower electricity bills. Before you current HPS bulbs burn out, have a look at few of LED grow light reviews, do some calculations keeping in mind your electricity bills and explore the options the LED lighting has for your indoor garden.


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